Sleeping Like a Baby


Let's teach your child healthy sleep habits and routines that will benefit them (and you) for the rest of their life!



For infants (4 to 18 months), my goals are to teach them self-soothing strategies and develop good sleep habits and routines that will enable them to fall asleep on their own quickly and in their own crib and stay asleep for longer stretches - probably through the night (11-12 hrs)!  Naps will become easier and more consistent.  And, your child will be getting an age-appropriate amount of sleep that will allow their bodies to grow, develop and process information from the day as best as is possible.

For parents, my goals are to teach them about infant sleep needs and how they will change, and also give them the tools and the confidence that they need to manage their child's sleep on their own.  


This program is specifically designed to offer all the guidance and support that is needed to ensure that we achieve our sleep goals for your child.  An initial evaluation and the consultation ensures that we set your child up for success right off the bat and the follow-up support allows me to answer your questions and offer advice to tailor the plan, even more, to get the best results as we go, based on how your child responds/progress.

This program includes:

   - An initial assessment

   - A 90-minute private consultation

   - A detailed, two-week sleep plan customized to your child and your lifestyle

   - Four phone calls to provide guidance and support over the first week of implementing the plan

   - Daily email support over the second week of implementing the plan 

   - A 'Sleep Habits Maintenance Guide'

   Your investment is $350


A Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant dedicated to helping families get their babies and children the restorative rest they need to be happy, healthy and eager to learn.

Based in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, serving the globe.

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