Get your child's sleep off to a great start, right from the beginning!



Our goal is to get your newborn falling asleep independently and peacefully in their crib so they can get all the sleep they need and parents can have more time and flexibility in their day and your baby can sleep longer stretches at night with ease and through the night as soon as they are able. This is especially useful for parents who have other children and need to be there for both!


The Newborn Sleep Kare Program is designed to (i) educate parents on infant sleep needs, the biology of sleep, promoting the development of healthy sleep strategies and preventing parent-dependent sleep habits, (ii) help parents create an ideal sleep environment, (iii) providing a plan for gently teaching self-soothing, (iv) consult with parents at regular intervals to help evaluate progress towards sleep goals, provide guidance to ensure the process is gentle and progress is continually being made. 

This program includes:​

  • Nursery Assessment

  • A Sleep Plan

  • Six 'How-To' Videos

  • A 90-minute Virtual Consultation

  • One 30-min phone call to provide guidance and support

  • Weekly email support to guide you through the plan until your child reaches 12-weeks of age

   Your investment is $185


G R O U P   W O R K S H O P

Learn about infant sleep, get a sleep plan and have access to follow-up support. In a virtual workshop, groups of 3 to 6 parents will discuss sleep goals and strategies for getting your babies healthy sleep skills. Together we will build a sleep plan for you to put into action at home. Weekly email support is provided until your child is 12-weeks old.

This package includes:

  • A 2.5-hour Virtual Workshop

  • A sleep plan customized for your child’s and family’s needs

  • One 30-min phone call to provide guidance and support

  • Weekly email support to provide guidance until your child reaches 12-weeks of age

Your investments is $95 (per family)


A Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant dedicated to helping families get their babies and children the restorative rest they need to be happy, healthy and eager to learn.

Based in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, serving the globe.

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