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TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials

I cannot be happier with the results of my Sleep Sense program with Karen.  She was supportive, responsive, and completely accurate in her predictions with respect to my son's sleep needs.   Ashton's transformation has been unbelievable: in two weeks he's gone from erratic 1-4 naps per day, nursing to sleep, 3-hour attempts to get him down for the night, and multiple night feedings to 2 naps a day, no longer nursing to sleep, a 30-minute bedtime routine, and no night feedings.  If someone had told me he could be sleeping through the night a month ago I would have laughed and said, "not in my wildest dreams". Well, dreams come true with effective coaching and diligent adherence to the plan - he now sleeps 12 hour nights from 7pm to 7am!  Ashton obviously needed the structure that Karen's plan provided in which he had to learn how to self-soothe and I had to learn how to recognize his tiredness cues.  I'm so happy that he's now getting the sleep he needs. If you're like me, and you're worried that a sleep plan and the accompanying schedule will leave you feeling trapped at home, don't be. In the first few days when I was sorting everything out, I did feel house-bound, but by the second week, as things fell into place for us, it was liberating knowing that I have control over my days and that Ashton will be in a great mood when we head out between naps.  It's amazing what you can get done when your child's day becomes predictable.  Another huge benefit of this plan is that anyone can follow it, meaning my husband and Ashton's grandparents can all put him down for naps and bedtime without issue.  Thank you, Karen, you've helped us make such a positive change in our lives!

Grace & Ashton (6 month old)


My 7-month-old baby was not sleeping through the night, was having to be nurses to sleep, not having proper naps and co-sleeping.  I was worried for my daughter's health and my sanity, and definitely felt that I had created a monster that could not be tamed!  Within the initial consultation with Karen, I felt that there could possibly be a light at the end of the tunnel.  I followed her specifically tailored plan for us and within 2 nights I had a baby who was sleeping through the night and going down for naps!  Karen was prompt, thorough and was able to relate to my situation.  I highly recommend her for any sleep training needs, no matter what the situation.  We have developed healthy habits that work at home and on the go as we travel quite often!  Thank you Karen!

Darcy & Adele (7 month old)


As a new parent, I faced a lot of infant sleep issues: frequent night wakings (every 1-2hrs), rock and hold to sleep, refusing to lay down.  Putting my baby down to sleep causes me anxiety because she always cry and cry.  In the day time I had to hold her to sleep through every nap, which means I have no rest at all. 
Working with Karen changed my life.  My baby can sleep on her own in her crib!!  And, she can sleep over 5-7 hrs without waking!!!  I still can’t believe it is happening.  I finally had some sleep and rest.  I feel lucky that I decided to reach out to Karen and started the sleep training and I wish I could have done it earlier.

Nicole & Emma (4 months old)

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