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Together, let's get your little one sleeping independently, through the night, and napping well!



For toddlers and preschoolers (1.5 to 5 years), my goals are to teach them the skills and habits they need go to sleep on their own, staying asleep all night, and stay in bed until your chosen wake up time.  We also make sure they are getting the right amount of day and nighttime sleep because well-rested children are happy, active and eager to learn.  

For parents, my goals are to educate them on how to manage their child's sleep, give them strategies to use to encourage good sleep habits and a positive attitude towards sleeping independently until it is time to wake up for the day. 


This program is designed to offer all the guidance and support needed to ensure that we achieve our sleep goals for your child. 

This program includes:

   - An initial assessment

   - A 90-minute virtual consultation

   - A detailed, three-week sleep plan customized to your child and your specific needs

   - Four phone calls to provide guidance and support over the two weeks of implementing the plan

   - Daily email support throughout the three week sleep plan  ​

   Your investment is $600


A Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant dedicated to helping families get their babies and children the restorative rest they need to be happy, healthy and eager to learn.

Based in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, serving the globe.

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